Currently, the governments in the US and around the world have a renewed interest in utilizing innovative small unmanned aircraft to augment far more expensive aerial assets currently in use.

By utilizing small, intelligent, supportive platforms, our military would have a lower risk of being vulnerable in complex and unpredictable battlespaces.  During 2018-2022, SICDRONE partnered with Techstars and the US Air Force under a contract to assist USAF with some of their problems involving a lack of capability with USAF Group 1 and 2 UAS systems, which are drone systems under 55lbs including payload.  SICDRONE’s solution was proposed as a high-performance multicopter with advanced thrust vectoring, which nearly all current generation manned military aircraft around the world have, while virtually all unmanned aircraft do not have.

SICDRONE multicopters come in Hex [6 rotor] or Quad [4 rotor] configurations, and can support the DOD, DHS, DOT and other government entities as an Airborne Command Center [ACC] or Security Interceptor.  Our UAS provide an exceptional aerial advantage acting as an aerial conduit during battlefield operations and increase strategic agility, especially in austere low-altitude environments.

Here are some highlights of military capability:

  • Sub-system support as a layered asset when paired with other personnel, vehicles, aircraft, and UAS conducting ISR operations.
  • Low-elevation, close to target data collection missions with smaller, highly maneuverable UAS carrying ISR and armament payloads.
  • Stealth-like capabilities provide a strategic advantage.
  • Multiple UAS can be deployed and distributed, working together as cooperative relay points, ensuring real-time data transmit/receive, tactical edge data processing, and location positioning in battlefield environments.
  • Serving as an extension of the Group 3-5 UAS, SICDRONE SUAS solutions provide an important subsystem role in an unmanned battlefield, improving ground commander situational awareness.

Reaching speeds above 100mph with a broad range of payloads makes our SIC6 and SIC4 aircraft the fastest Group 2 payload-capable multicopter UAS on the market, and perfect for force protection, transport/delivery, armament missions and special operations aerial support.

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