Light Shows

Drone Light Shows

Starting in 2024 SICDRONE offers light shows using our own drones designed and manufactured in the USA.  US manufacturing is very important due to the US federal and state governments imposing bans on the use of many foreign-made drones.  Many of which are currently used in drone shows.

  • Endless 3D animations possible
  • Shows of 50 to 1000 drones or more
  • Complex designs require 300 or more drones
  • Safer than fireworks and safe for the environment
  • Display at weddings, concerts, product promotions, special events, holiday celebrations or any event that would benefit from aerial entertainment (which is nearly all events!)
  • No worries about being US and state government compliant

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SICDRONE is now booking locations in the continental USA for 2024. Tell us more about your event and venue:

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