SICDRONE aircraft inherent advanced and unmatched thrust vectoring system gives the platform advanced stability in high winds up to 50mph, while also providing increased acceleration and some of the smoothest maneuvering ever seen on large multicopter.  This is perfect for energy assets in harsh environments, that could include:

  • Remotely located wind turbines including coastal and offshore
  • Solar panel farms in remote and high heat areas
  • Remote power lines in mountain/coastal regions
  • Oil and gas pipelines
  • Remotely located power stations

…and many more energy related flight missions requiring a higher quality of unmanned aircraft.

In the offshore environment, UAS remaining stable in winds over 50mph, which is unprecedented!  SICDRONE station keeping ability is second to none and ideal for supporting offshore wind farms.  On an offshore wind farm, SICDRONE has the ability to support the wind farm in a variety of ways due to its multimodular payload capability.  SICDRONE support offshore wind farms with:

  • blade inspection
  • post severe weather surveys
  • marine mammal monitoring
  • marine bird monitoring and protection
  • security
  • tool, part and emergency medical supply transport