SICDRONE UAS platforms have the speed and precision flight to assist automobiles with real-time sensor and filming packages.  SICDRONE SUAS are the fastest in the world and pairing drones with everyday commuter vehicles or even F1 racing teams.  UAS can provide many benefits, from alerting a driver to avoid upcoming traffic or providing track analysis on a rainy day to the Ferrari F1 Team to assist in the selection of tires.  

Also, as vehicles become less dependent on the driver and more autonomous, aerial drones could pair with a ground vehicle to:

  • save gas and trip time
  • fly overhead and signal to vehicle/driver to avoid traffic and unnecessary stops in real time
  • for off-roading and rough terrain a drone can scout ahead for obstacles or scan river crossings for water depth
  • retrieve and deliver coffee, drinks or snacks to the driver without the need for stops or on camping trips