Airborne Security

Partner: United States Air Force

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

SICDRONE was contracted with the US Air Force from 2019 through 2022 in a Phase II SBIR to explore various UAS missions that are applicable to aerial warfighter tactical advantage throughout the military, applicable to US Army, US Navy, USAF, Marines, USCG, USCBP and aerial missions throughout DHS and DOD.

The Problem

There is a need for small UAS platforms to assist in the security of military bases and airspace above high value government and commercial assets.

The Solution

SICDRONE configured a UAS to handle defensive and offensive military capabilities and optimized for future operational mission sets with various payloads and speeds reaching the FAA speed limit of 100mph, which was achieved in a prototype aircraft, the SIC5T.

Note: The resultant aircraft from this project, the SIC5T, has since been retired and replaced by the SIC6, which is an aircraft that operates in multiple configurations specific to mission requirements. The SIC6 is a Group 2 multicopter UAS with MTOW of 55lbs and is designed to achieve the following:

  • Flight range of 10 to over 30 miles [Dependant upon speed and payload]
  • Flight time of 10 minutes to 60 minutes [Dependant upon speed and payload]
  • Accelerate to 100mph faster than a supercar
  • Carry 5lb to 25lb payloads [10lbs to 25lb reduce flight range]
  • Secure and resilient communications

There are currently 0 other commercially available Group 2 multicopters that offer this capability.