Offshore Wind

Partner: Vineyard Wind, Greentown Labs and MassCEC

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

SICDRONE worked with Vineyard Wind during in 2019 proving out a few use cases that would support large offshore wind developers and more.

The Problem

Construction, monitoring, maintenance and inspection for offshore wind farms is very costly due to vessel trips moving to and returning from the wind farms.

Vessel trips are expensive, sometimes exceeding $1 million per trip, while also being dangerous, and time consuming. Drones used today for offshore wind purposes are not designed to handle the harsh daily environments encountered at sea and therefore have to be cleaned, repaired and handled by pilot at all times while on site. Very skilled pilots perform are currently required in the offshore environment due to the remote harsh weather environment, dangerous seas, and unpredictable changes in wind speeds causing violent turbulence.

The Solution

SICDRONE has aircraft designed to handle extreme wind conditions, keep the aircraft dry and resistant to the corrosive effects of saltwater environments. SICDRONE offers aircraft that offer reduced risk and maximize cost savings to this industry through wind farm aerial system packages that will save over $10 million annually for a farms maintenance, inspection and monitoring costs.