Our unmanned aircraft design concepts started in 2012 and after years of research into commercial drone market opportunities, the CEO and a few other Aerospace Engineers decided to form this company in 2016, just after graduating from an MBA program at the University of California.

SICDRONE is veteran owned and has vowed to always design, test, manufacture, assemble, package and distribute from the USA.  We manufacture and build our aircraft from the ground up using world class machines e.g., Markforged 3D printers, HAAS CNC mill and OMAX water jet machine for prototype to production parts.  The company has headquarters in Oregon, with satellite offices in Ohio and Massachusetts.

Our Mission

Offer UAS with customizable, cost saving and life-saving payloads that minimize overall manpower needs.  Build systems that meet the quality and performance demands of the US Dept. of Transportation and Defense, while also serving First Responders, Energy, Transportation, Entertainment and future commercial drone industry needs.

Our Vision

SICDRONE pushes the limits of flight control dynamics for vectored robot aircraft through our customized flight software and hardware.

  • Safety of personnel and customers is of the utmost importance.
  • Maintain aggressive engineering and design to maximize flight dynamic capability in order to manufacture the ultimate supermaneuverable, multimodular commercial grade drone systems.
  • Performance, reliability, maintainability and quality control shall be second to none.

Why choose SICDRONE aircraft?

01 You’re In search of speed and power to complete flight missions faster with multiple payloads.

02 You require a red, white and “blue” aircraft company produced entirely in the USA.

03 You prefer a product backed by commercial + military aircraft design experts.

04 You’re expecting a tough, stable, all-weather aircraft, for flight missions on imperfect weather days with gusty turbulent winds, rain, or snow.

05 You’re looking for outstanding utility, with a single aircraft capable of 1000’s of tasks from 0mph to 100mph.

06 Prefer a company backed by personnel at Jaguar Land Rover, US Navy, Lockheed Martin, USAF, and more.

Our Locations

Boston, MA

Aerospace Institute
Cleveland, OH

Portland, OR

Our Oregon, Ohio and Massachusetts based facilities support the manufacture, test and distribution of our super maneuverable, multimodular systems capable of transporting 1 lb to 25 lb payloads and swapping between custom payloads in seconds.  Our aircraft provide aerial assistance for emergency/disaster responders, security checkpoints, military teams, border patrol breach response, medical supply transports, offshore wind farms, smart cities, package transport and many more flight missions.

Our Partners

We deeply appreciate the past and present support and guidance of our partners and advisors. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.