SICDRONE offers extremely versatile, high-quality, US-manufactured drone systems that allow you to…

  • Fly up to 100 mph with multiple cameras, sensors, packages, tools, rescue packs, medical supplies, tactical payloads, and more.
  • Complete flight missions sooner, reduce unnecessary man hours, cover more square miles, and increase your daily aerial tasks.
  • Expedite deliveries, inspections, filmmaking, and monitoring gaining a significant cost-saving advantage over competitors.
  • Save $thousands to $millions annually by using unmanned aircraft systems customized to your flight mission requirements.

We take unmanned aircraft manufacturing seriously, as an aircraft company first, and a hardware/software company second.  This approach has facilitated superior small UAS designs for first responders, government users, and commercial enterprise teams that need to execute flight missions quickly with efficiency and minimal downtime.

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There are 3 speeds worth mentioning regarding our flagship SIC6 and SIC4 aircraft…

44 MPH is the average top speed of our competitors.  These would be commercially available multicopter drones that weigh 20-55lb at takeoff.

55 MPH is the cruise speed of our SIC6 UAS at mid-level power draw.  This is faster than many other drones in the same size category at 100% power.  A 55mph cruise speed means that you can get flight missions completed much faster and put far less stress on your aircraft allowing for longer use periods of time through reduced maintenance, improved power system reliability and battery pack longevity.

100 MPH is the FAA Speed Limit and is currently the world’s fastest speed for commercially available multicopters weighing 20 to 55lbs at takeoff. Not to brag, but 100 mph compared to 44 mph is like a new F1 car debuting at over 500mph, instead of the 240mph max speed of existing cars.

There’s a few reasons why we’re the only company with UAS this fast.  The biggest one is that it wasn’t an easy aircraft to put into production.  The effort took 10 years (2012-2022), and dozens of engineers contributed and it cost $millions to design, prototype, and test.  But as Teddy Roosevelt said, “Nothing worth having comes easy.”

This is the awesome sound of our SIC6 aircraft, the fastest large multicopter drone system in the world. The aircraft easily transports heavy payloads that can include multiple cameras, sensors, rescue packs, packages and more during flights that typically reach 75 MPH and can exceed 100 MPH.

Why is payload weight important for most commercial UAS flight teams?

A vital part of flight mission planning is to minimize the payload and stay within the aircraft’s takeoff weight limits.  For UAS design/system engineers, this is often a juggling act between the size/quantity of battery packs, cargo, camera(s), and sensors while not stressing the structure of the UAS as you add power and weight to the aircraft.  An aircraft’s payload capacity guides efficiency, profitability, stability, and functionality during flight missions, particularly for commercial, government, and military operations.  Small UAS typically offer 1-2lb payloads while larger UAS carry 5 lbs or more but also create more challenges for aircraft design engineers, as weight, battery size, power draw, heat, wear, wires, connections, and stresses are increased.

Our customers have access to some of the most versatile small UAS available today with aircraft carrying all types of cameras from IR to cinema quality, 100’s of sensor configurations, packages, and many other aerial transports.  It is essential to know what payload(s) fulfill your flight mission needs best, and also the weight of those payloads.  You can then choose a UAS that will last and meet your flight mission performance requirements for max speed, cruise speed, flight time, and range.

Why should you buy US manufactured drones?

“Drones have the potential to transform key industries and aspects of our society – from agriculture, to emergency services, to deliveries, and so much more. As the adoption of this technology grows, we need to make sure that we are not advancing the goals of our adversaries, who wish to saturate the market with drones that pose a threat to our national security,” -Senator Mark Warner.

“Taxpayer dollars should never fund drones manufactured in regions that are hostile toward the U.S.,” Senator Marsha Blackburn, June 2023

The following members of the United States Congress are co-sponsors of the American Security Drone Act which promotes US unmanned aircraft manufacturing and makes it illegal to purchase foreign-made drones and drone technology that is advancing the goals of warfare for our adversaries [China, Iran, Russian Federation, North Korea] and improving their militarized unmanned assets.

Simply put, these congressmen and women support the American Security Drone Act, approved by Congress in December 2023, and they are fighting for,

  • USA-based unmanned aircraft manufacturing, engineering, and technology-related jobs
  • The most advanced aircraft products to continue to be designed and made in the USA
  • A US military that continues to be a superior and dominant force

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik
(R-New York)

Congressman Mike Gallagher

Senator Marsha Blackburn

Senator Mark Warner

Senator Richard Blumenthal

Senator Marco Rubio

Senator Chris Murphy

Senator Mitt Romney

SICDRONE proudly manufactures our unmanned aircraft in the USA and complies with “BLUE” UAS law, which is linked to The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2023 was passed on 23 December, 2022 and Section 817.

This Act bans government purchases of UAS manufactured or containing critical components from the People’s Republic of China, the Russian Federation, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

SICDRONE can reimburse you for your foreign made drone!  If you represent a US based company, submit your information on our contact page, and we’ll get you started on a replacement fleet with SICDRONE aircraft systems made entirely in the USA with “BLUE” components from manufacturers in the US and non-adversarial countries.

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SICDRONE is also a veteran owned company that partners with outstanding US based companies such as,

  • Mobile drone launch systems with Target Arm
  • Radar systems with Echodyne
  • Remote ID with Pierce Aerospace
  • Secure communications with Notch Technologies
  • 3D sensing, cameras, lidar, medical devices, rescue packs, and force protection packages with others

We manufacture UAS from the ground up to serve the following industries.

  • Search and Rescue aircrafts cover many square miles faster than ever
  • Inspections completed in minimal time with premium equipment
  • Security missions for police, border or military patrol, construction sites, and asset perimeters
  • Energy asset monitoring flight missions in woodland, coastal, ocean, mountain, arctic environments
  • Responder events including those requiring medical equipment, fire protection, active shooter
  • Monitoring for Smart Cities of roads and key infrastructures, mapping, live aerial views, delivery
  • Aerial Data Recorder using 4K to 8K cameras, IR, Bathymetric Lidar, Hyperspectral and more
  • Military stealth aerial tactical advantage or transporting lightweight ordnance avoiding detection
  • Delivery to get packages sent throughout a “smart” city at over a mile per minute

We provide the following services:

  • Consulting services to start, build, and/or improve UAS products, teams, and drone programs for commercial, military, and federal/state/local governments.
  • R&D to develop UAS for commercial use, federal/state/local governments, and emerging UAS markets such as offshore wind, smart cities, and delivery.
  • Aerial light shows displaying imagery and customized messaging using 50 to 5,000 drones, for cities, businesses, theme parks, sporting events, concerts, weddings, and more by:
  1. Leasing drones to aerial light show businesses
  2. Sending out our team to perform light shows [USA and Canada only]